HyperbolaBSD – meeting 4

Meeting 4 to hack HyperbolaBSD

[14:06]<@quiliro> welcome to the free software association of ecuador, rachad,
Emulatorman and coadde
<LightBearer> Hola
<@quiliro> hello LightBearer
<rachad> thank you quiliro !
<rachad> im happy to be here
[14:07]<@quiliro> LightBearer: do you mind that we make our meeting in English
<LightBearer> hola rachad
<@quiliro> rachad is from India and speaks English
<LightBearer> jaj
<rachad> hola LightBearer :)
<@quiliro> that was a laugh in Spanish
[14:08]<LightBearer> maybe do you speak Spanish?
<rachad> *im from Algeria quiliro
<@quiliro> jaj is a chucle and a half
<@quiliro> oh…sorry rachad
<LightBearer> oh jaja I tried to say
<rachad> its okay :)
[14:09]<LightBearer> ok lets begin the class today
<LightBearer> the teachers are Emulatorman and coadde
<@quiliro> void09: you are invited to participate too
<@quiliro> torshido: you are also invited
[14:10]<LightBearer> Quiliro is the coordinator. Iam the student here with you
<rachad> nice to meet you LightBearer
[14:11]<@quiliro> today we will discuss more IT stuff, right Emulatorman ? the
previous days we discussed the freedom stuff and the legal
stuff (licenses)
<Emulatorman> ok
[14:12]<Emulatorman> btw, rachad, do you know something about c programming?
<@quiliro> coadde: did you and Emulatorman have other plans?
<rachad> not much Emulatorman
[14:13]<@quiliro> rachad is a quick learner
<Emulatorman> ok
[14:14]<Emulatorman> rachad, do you know something about licenses?
<@quiliro> I think that rachad knows enough about freedom that we can
continue with the roadmap today
<@quiliro> oh…ok…go on please, Emulatorman
<rachad> i know what are they and what they mean
<rachad> so i didn’t miss anything you cna countinue
<rachad> *can
[14:15]<Emulatorman> ok, our goal is develop a BSD descendant system, however
the main focus is develop on GPLv3 license
<@quiliro> why, Emulatorman ? please say it
<@quiliro> for rachad
[14:16]<Emulatorman> Of course, we accept permissive licenses such as BSD-3,
BSD-2, Expat, ISC. However the main license used by us is
GPLv3. The reason about it is about follow the copyleft
<Emulatorman> in short, we would preserve the freedom in the
modifications and future forks to protect freedom
[14:17]<rachad> if im not wrong GPLv3 will make to code opensource even for
future use
<Emulatorman> if you know rachad, BSD descendant systems became famous
for companies such as Sony for their PlayStation brands,
however they never have the good behaviour to contribute
back with free software
[14:18]<rachad> yes they locked the code and used it for commercial goals
<Emulatorman> that is the main goal about permissive licenses, to be
«free» to make future modifications under nonfree
[14:20]<Emulatorman> in fact, community is affected for that. So, GPL and
copyleft licenses exist for those goals -> protect
freedom in next gen of software or forks,
redistributions, etc.
<@quiliro> it is no problem to make commercial products…the problem
is to not allow freedom to the user
<Emulatorman> so our goal is maintain an copyleft BSD descendant
<rachad> yes Emulatorman and quiliro GPLv3 is the other way arround
were it will keep future use free and opensource
[14:21]<@quiliro> Emulatorman: you previous statement is great
<@quiliro> your*
<@quiliro> we do not care about opensource…they do not care about
[14:22]<@quiliro> free is about freedom, not gratuity
<Emulatorman> it will help to bring future ports from Linux (only code
under GPLv2+, not GPLv2-only) because the second one is
non-GPLv3 compatible. Even, cool projects such as ReactOS
uses GPLv2+ and GPLv3+ and contains interesting features
to be ported to HyperbolaBSD
<rachad> sure
<Emulatorman> sorry, ReactOS uses GPLv2+
[14:23]<@quiliro> you can also use the word libre in French or Spanish and the
word livre in Portuguese to make it clearer that the price
is not the issue
<rachad> as i said i didn’t miss anything in your previous lessons so
you can countinue Emulatorman
[14:24]<Emulatorman> ok rachad
<LightBearer> I am ready too to go on with you
[14:25]<@quiliro> rachad: if you can translate from Spanish, here is what we
have discussed these days:

Entrevistas HyperbolaBSD

[14:26]<Emulatorman> coadde is planning to organize the teams. Yesterday we
were creating a new subdomain called
«https://bsd.hyperbola.info». It will be our next link to
push/pull commits for our kernel and userland while our
distribution of GNU/Linux is active
<@quiliro> we will have a translation, but we do not know when
<@quiliro> great, Emulatorman
<Emulatorman> our plan is migrate our HyperbolaBSD git repos to a
[14:27]<@quiliro> very nice
<Emulatorman> also, who would integrate the team, it is required send
us the profile to add to the staff of support or
<Emulatorman> it is so important to community know who are you and
trust you
<@quiliro> and the other part to https://gnu.hyperbola.info ?
<rachad> can i invite someone to join
[14:28]<rachad> i mean now here
<@quiliro> of course, rachad
<rachad> okay
<@quiliro> thank you
<Emulatorman> yes quiliro
[14:29]<LightBearer> yes, everybody is welcome here
<@quiliro> very good organization, Emulatorman … thank you
<coadde> yes, I will create CGit servers in bsd.hyperbola.info and
gnu.hyperbola.info, but i require ssh keys to allow access it.
[14:30]<coadde> I will create gnu.hyperbola.info subdomain.
<@quiliro> oh…I was about to generate my key…but I do not know how
<@quiliro> nice coadde
<@quiliro> bemvindo, coadde
[14:32]<coadde>  quiliro: thanks, hello everyone.
<rachad> hi coadde :)
<rachad> welcome didou_
<Emulatorman> quiliro: you should have a ssh key to get access to git
<didou_> hhhh it’s fast
*** Users on #asle: didou_ LightBearer rachad @quiliro coadde
Emulatorman @torshido void09
<rachad> i know you cant speak much but try to stay and see what is it
about didou_
[14:33]<didou_> okay
<@quiliro> welcome didou_ … meet: Emulatorman, coadde and LightBearer
<rachad> Emulatorman: do i need an ssh key as well ?
<Emulatorman> welcome didou_
<@quiliro> I am your host currently in this room and at the service of
all of you
[14:34]<Emulatorman> yes rachad, at least to push commits
<rachad> okay i will create one
[14:35]<Emulatorman> i think we need create a branch to avoid messing up our
maste branch, what do you think guys?
<rachad> of cource
<Emulatorman> i mean a git branch
<rachad> yes at least untill we get used to what are we doing
[14:36]<Emulatorman> eg. create branch with our usernames, -> emulatorman,
rachad, quiliro, etc
<@quiliro> is that the same as creating a key pair?
<Emulatorman> so, if those commits are stables and cool, we just pull
them to the master
[14:37]<rachad> great idea Emulatorman that way it keeps the project and teh
main repo clean
<@quiliro> branch…good idea
<Emulatorman> if you guys see our git repos, there are branches such as
emulatorman there
eg. https://git.hyperbola.info:50100/packages/extra.git/log/?h=emulatorman
[14:39]<rachad> its okay i will share the log with didou_
<rachad> he works with me
<rachad> yes Emulatorman i can see that
[14:40]<LightBearer> I have a confusion here: what is the meaning of git repos
and then you say git branch, what is difference between
both of them?
[14:41]<rachad> wb
<rachad> *welcome back
<LightBearer> oh rachad I was asking the meaning of wb, thanks
*** Users on #asle: Minall LightBearer rachad @quiliro coadde
Emulatorman @torshido void09
[14:42]<@quiliro> welcome Minall
<@quiliro> good to see you
<Minall> Hello Asle Community!
<Emulatorman> LightBearer: git is a platform to push and pull
development code
<Minall> Thank you, quiliro, good to see you too
<Minall> Emulatorman: The good thing is that it is free software
<@quiliro> this is the meeting to help people become members of the
HyperbolaBSD team get their credentials to commit in the
[14:43]<Emulatorman> LightBearer: there, you can follow the progress of the
development, also you can clone the git repo in your
machine and follow the progress from your machine, or
through a website via cgit (git web interface) or similar
<LightBearer> dankon, donk je, gracias, thank you
<@quiliro> LightBearer: you already use git to commit your accounting
[14:44]<@quiliro> with magit
<Minall> Emulatorman: Magit is cool
[14:46]<@quiliro> coadde: can easypg be used to generate my keys?
<Emulatorman> quiliro: you can use any GUI environment to generate pgp
[14:47]<Minall> Emulatorman: You can find the commands searching in eww too
<@quiliro> (info «(epa) Top») in Emacs info
<coadde> http://paste.debian.net/1192987/
[14:48]<Emulatorman> rachad, independent there is c language code inside
HyperbolaBSD, we need assembly one too
<LightBearer> Please, somebody to help me how to generate pgp keys,
remember I am a novice here
<rachad> i have a pgp key already Emulatorman
[14:49]<Emulatorman> ok
<Emulatorman> LightBearer: what is your DE? KDE, Gnome?
<coadde> quiliro: compatible openssh key is required, I have not test
[14:50]<LightBearer> Emulatorman: LXDE is mine
<Emulatorman> ok
<Emulatorman> LightBearer: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/GnuPG
[14:51]<@quiliro> «EasyPG Assistant is an Emacs user interface to GNU Privacy
<@quiliro> Is that what I need?
<Emulatorman> quiliro: ok, cool then :)
<Emulatorman> yes, in fact
<coadde> quiliro: ok
<Emulatorman> you just need a GUI app to generate the keys
<Emulatorman> also it is so useful to encrypt emails
[14:52]<Emulatorman> sorry, i’m confusing with gpg
<Emulatorman> LightBearer ^
<Emulatorman> LightBearer: anyway, a gpg key is needed too
<@quiliro> I am confused
<rachad> same here
[14:53]<Emulatorman> it is so important to sign emails and software
<rachad> we need 3 keys
<Minall> You mean ssh keys Emulatorman?
<@quiliro> ok…so what is gpg and what do we need
<rachad> one pgp and gpg and ssh ?
<coadde> quiliro: ok, sorry, I’m confusing EasyPG with SSH.
<Emulatorman> but, currently we need ssh keys first
<Minall> As I know, git uses SSH keys
<Emulatorman> https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/OpenSSH
<Emulatorman> guide for ssh keys ->
[14:54]<Minall> ssh-keygen
[14:55]<Emulatorman> in short, we need 2 impportant things to create a team,
1) ssh keys to access to git repos 2) gpg keys to sign
tags and tarballs, and also send encrypted emails
<coadde> HyperbolaBSD uses ed25519 ssh keys
<rachad> okay
<coadde> HyperbolaBSD/Hyperbola Projects Servers
<Emulatorman> Minall: yes, but we require ed25519 only for ssh keys,
for security reasons
[14:56]<Minall> Just to ilustrate this, if I have a server I can access
through SSH, I can access it through root using its password,
which is a bad practice… So a good practice is to generate
in the pc one is using a key, putting that key in known_hosts
of the server, and when you connect, you can connect instantly
since the SSH key identifies your system, you can even put a
<LightBearer> I guess the link you already gave me is for only for me.
The two others are for someone else but me?
<Minall> Emulatorman: Let me generate one with that algorithm
[14:57]<Emulatorman> this is the command to generate the SSH key required in
HyperbolaBSD -> ssh-keygen -t ed25519
[14:58]<Minall> Thank you, I was searching just that
<Emulatorman> quiliro, rachad, LightBearer, didou_ -> ssh-keygen -t
<Emulatorman> it will generate the ssh key required to access to git
<rachad> okay
[14:59]<Minall> The public one is the one that you can share
<Minall> Emulatorman: May I join to the git?, I haven’t contributed
<Emulatorman> please create a gpg key to send the public ssh key via
encrypted email (not text-only) at
[15:00]<Emulatorman> Minall: we are creating a platform and subdomain for our
volunteers to help us develop HyperbolaBSD code
[15:01]<Minall> The platform would be git, but what do u mean by subdomain?
<Emulatorman> it is required knowledge of C programming or/and Assembly
to begin contribute
<@quiliro> Emulatorman: I created a ssh key with your instruction
<Minall> C programming, not much aseembly though, but I want to read
about it
<Emulatorman> the subdomain will be made to split off both projects
(GNU/Linux distro and HyperbolaBSD system)
[15:02]<@quiliro> I don’t remember if I created gpg keys
<Emulatorman> ok quiliro, do you have GPG to sign emails?
<Minall> I’m gonna send you my ssh public key Emulatorman, over
encrypted mail
<Minall> quiliro: Check ~/.ssh
<rachad> same here i will send my key
<Emulatorman> please, send me via encrypted email only, for seurity
<rachad> sure
[15:03]<Minall> id_ed25519.pub may appear, only send the .pub
<Emulatorman> and please a profile to add to the team
<Emulatorman> you can use heckyel’s profile as sample ->
<rachad> okay
[15:04]<Emulatorman> let me know if you will join as support member or
developer or both
<@quiliro> $ ls .ssh
<@quiliro> id_ed25519  id_ed25519.pub  id_rsa  id_rsa.pub  known_hosts
<Emulatorman> it is important to organize your profiles there
<Minall> What is the difference from a support member to a developer
Emulatorman _
<Emulatorman> quiliro: id_ed25519.pub is the public ssh key
<@quiliro> yes…
<Minall> quiliro: id_ed25519.pub is the one you have to send
[15:05]<@quiliro> as I said, I do not remember if I created gpg keys
<Emulatorman> support member are users who is helping to bring devs, or
give support for community, such as helping an user who
is stuck in an installation, etc
<Emulatorman> developers are developers lol
<Minall> Emulatorman: As expected lol
[15:06]<Minall> So support member would be reading the blogs and irc for help?
<Emulatorman> also we have another team who handle to send patches, or
check vulnerabilities or issues or let us know to upgrade
Debian patches for the GNU/Linux version
<Emulatorman> -> https://www.hyperbola.info/members/security-team/
<Emulatorman> yes Minall
[15:07]<rachad> i will try to send you an email with my profile and if
something i wrong and needs to be changed let me know
<Emulatorman> or like LightBearer who is helping our future volunteers
to organize in future groups, or give them an
introduction about HyperbolaBSD
<Emulatorman> ok rachad
<Minall> Emulatorman: I see
[15:08]<Emulatorman> LightBearer: i’m looking for a GPG GUI app for you to
ease the creation of gpg keys
<Emulatorman> LightBearer: it will be important too
[15:09]<LightBearer> I already have created ssh genkey
<Emulatorman> LightBearer: cool
<Emulatorman> now, it is needed a gpg key to communicate via encrypted
<Emulatorman> to increase security in our communication via emails
[15:10]<@quiliro> <Emulatorman> I do not know if I have GPG … I do not sign
emails yet
<Emulatorman> we will create @hyperbola.info email accounts for you to
increase that security too
[15:11]<Emulatorman> quiliro: afaik, mutt is a cool email client used by some
of my friends. i don’t know if Emacs environment has a
similar app
<Minall> Emulatorman: I use @pm.me mail, which encrypts mails
<Minall> Emulatorman: But that would be better
<Emulatorman> cool
<Emulatorman> quiliro: maybe you could ask heckyel who is an advanced
user in Emacs
<Minall> Emacs has a built in mail, which can have gpg keys and all, if
not, modules exist
[15:12]<@quiliro> I use gnus..and easypgp is used with it to send emails…but
you I should have generated my gpg keypair first
[15:13]<@quiliro> how can I know if my gpg keys have been generated?
<Emulatorman> LightBearer:quiliro:
[15:14]<Minall> I haven’t readed about that yet sadly quiliro  :c
<Minall> Emulatorman: My mail is sended
<Emulatorman> ty Minall
<Minall> To you, I’m bussy nowadays but, believe me I’m learning on my
free time
[15:15]<Minall> Did u received it?
<Emulatorman> yes, i received, ty
[15:16]<Emulatorman> the next time, if you send your public ssh key, please
send me under an encrypted email
<@quiliro> LightBearer: GnuPG allows you to encrypt and sign your data
and communications
<Minall> Emulatorman: Isn’t encrypted?, I forgot that, Imma send it to
you right away
[15:17]<Minall> But it is encrypted right?
<@quiliro> LightBearer: SSH keys can serve as a means of identifying
yourself to an SSH server
[15:19]<Emulatorman> Minall: no, you sent me an text-only email
<@quiliro> Emulatorman: why is encryption necesary? Isn’t it supposed
to be public?
<rachad> Emulatorman: is it okay to encrypt the message using your
expired key ?
<LightBearer> yes I have already read the information above that gave
me Emulatorman.  The problem is that I do not know wath
todo next
<LightBearer> what
[15:20]<rachad> were are you stuck at LightBearer ?
<Emulatorman> Minall: we reject non-encrypted emails for security
reasons, because we don’t know who is sending us those
public keys is your in fact
<Minall> Emulatorman: Oh… Sorry, I sent you my key too, do you want
me to generate another one?
<@quiliro> LightBearer: that is ok…I am trying to summarize for you
<Emulatorman> eg. bill-auger received a massive attack, and a lot of
attackers send us an emails via text-only
<LightBearer> thank you all for your help
<Emulatorman> by using his email
<@quiliro> LightBearer: Please give me several minutes
[15:21]<Minall> Emulatorman: So, should I generate a new key and send it
encrypted?, since I sent you one without encryption\
<LightBearer> ok I have all the time in my lifetime.
<Emulatorman> Minall: for profiles, it isn’t needed, but yes for SSH
public keys, because we are «opening» an access to our
<@quiliro> rachad: she needs to create a gpg keypair
<@quiliro> and me too
[15:22]<@quiliro> but she is an end user
<@quiliro> she can type on a terminal, tough
<rachad> okay i only have terminal based tutorials
<rachad> let me find one
<Minall> True, let me send you a newly generated pair encrypted
<LightBearer> yes to say in one way, my work depends on quiliro`s work.
[15:23]<Emulatorman> quiliro: there are GUI apps to generate gpg keys, but i
don’t remember their names :s
<Minall> Emulatorman: Seahorse?
<Minall> May be a little bloated so, nope
[15:24]<Emulatorman> minall: yes, seahorse is an easy app to generate gpg keys
<@quiliro> Minall: do not send the pair; only the public ssh key signed
with your private gpg key and encrypted with his public gpg
[15:25]<LightBearer> thanks a lot, I will check it outç
<LightBearer> to rachad
[15:26]<Emulatorman> quiliro: if encrypt an email is so hard for you, paste
your ssh key here, but anyway i suggest you use gpg keys
to sign future tags, tarballs, send encrypted emails
<rachad> your welcome LightBearer
<Minall> quiliro: Thanks quiliro
<@quiliro> Emulatorman: I am learning as I teach
<Minall> Emulatorman: Did you received my email?
<@quiliro> experimenting with my students. haha
[15:27]<Emulatorman> in some important part of the development, it will be so
important to send encrypted emails for important info or
sensible data to send between the team through emails
* Minall Explodes
<Emulatorman> for that reason, i insist to use encrypted emails, even
more in nowadays with NSA on the way
* quiliro implodes
<@quiliro> I totally agree, Emulatorman
[15:28]<Emulatorman> Minall: let me see…
<Minall> Emulatorman: Are we in USA?, perhaps worse
<@quiliro> encryption breaks power structures
<Minall> I used a feature of pm for adding a password
<@quiliro> the powerful feel powerless with universal encryption
<Minall> And a hint for u
<Minall> quiliro: That’s right
<@quiliro> pm?
[15:29]<Minall> protonmail
<@quiliro> oh
<Minall> apparently encrypted mail
<Minall> I’ve using for quite a while, just for business and important
stuff though
<@quiliro> I will see rachad ‘s link
<Emulatorman> Minall: that is not the best way to encrypt emails, i
suggest you use an email client and sign it locally.
<Minall> Never tested it so, it is just a separation for important
[15:30]<Minall> Emulatorman: What do you mean?… I only have mails which are
well, not good for important stuff
<rachad> Emulatorman: is it okay to sign the mail with your epired key
and can it even work ?
<Minall> Should I use another mailer?, for me to sign it
<Emulatorman> rachad: i upgraded my gpg key
<Emulatorman> let me confirm it again…
[15:31]<rachad> you mean this pub key Emulatorman
[15:32]<Emulatorman> seems mit.edu is wrong
<Emulatorman> let me send you another key server
<rachad> okay
<Emulatorman> try hkp://keys.gnupg.net or hkp://pool.sks-keyservers.net
[15:33]<Emulatorman> my key expires at 2022-02-13
<Emulatorman> anyway, i will try push my upgraded key at mit.edu
[15:34]<@quiliro> ls .gnupg/
<@quiliro> crls.d  private-keys-v1.d  pubring.kbx  pubring.kbx~
S.dirmngr  trustdb.gpg
<@quiliro> I don’t think I have a gpg keypair
[15:35]<Minall> I’m at a loss… How should I send this mail?, I have pm as
mail provider
<Emulatorman> quiliro -> gpg -k | less -RS
[15:36]<@quiliro> pub   rsa2048 2019-10-11 [SC] [expires: 2021-07-30]
<@quiliro> is that it?
<@quiliro> sub   rsa2048 2019-10-11 [E] [expires: 2021-07-30]
[15:37]<Emulatorman> Minall: protomail is a crap service, you are using a
(SaaSS) to sign emails that is so dangerous for your
<Emulatorman> Minall:
<Minall> Emulatorman: What do you recommend to me then, for having a
secure mail I can use with a trust encryption
<Minall> Thanks, let me read it
<Emulatorman> Minall: the best way is sign emails from your side via a
email client and locally
[15:38]<@quiliro> Minall: have an email account with hyperbola.info ;-)
<Emulatorman> lol :p
<Emulatorman> that is the way about @hyperbola.info email accounts ;)
<Minall> Emulatorman: And what email should I user?, like create an
<Minall> lol
[15:39]<Minall> quiliro: Yes but I don’t >.<
<Minall> I have only SaaSS services which are a no-no so
<Emulatorman> since our email server is inside our server, without any
«strange» company checking our emails
<LightBearer> Minall what is the meaning of >.<¿
[15:40]<Emulatorman> rachad: i pushed my key at mit.edu
<@quiliro> Minall: set up a mail client and create your gpg keys
<Minall> Which mailer are the you using? LightBearer?, I need an
example for this, since I don’t have an own mail like
* Emulatorman is checking it now
<@quiliro> then use proton as your server with your mail client
<Minall> LightBearer:  Just a face, like me when I eat lemon >.<
<Emulatorman> Minall: i suggest use Icedove or Thunderbird since those
ones are easy to sign/encrypt emails
<LightBearer> minall jaja
[15:41]<@quiliro> I guess LightBearer will not be able to use her client
<Minall> quiliro: So I could create my own mail in my pc?, like no
other needs
<@quiliro> LightBearer has only webmail
<Minall> quiliro: proton as my server?, which one?
<Minall> Emulatorman: Icedove seems better
<@quiliro> I could retrieve her file in a usb and send it from my
<Minall> My problem right now is the mail I would be using, but quiliro
is telling me to create my own
[15:42]<Emulatorman> Minall: we have Icedove-UXP and IceCrypt for that
<@quiliro> Minall: thunderbird
<@quiliro> with protonmail as your server
<Emulatorman> rachad: i pushed my upgraded key at mit.edu
<Emulatorman> rachad: check if it was upgraded
<@quiliro> then encryption is not handled by protonmail
<rachad> sorry by mistake i put my wifi off using the kill switch
<rachad> okay Emulatorman
[15:43]<Minall> Ohhh, so I create my gpg, send the public key to a server, and
sign the mail with my private gpg and send it using
<Minall> Ok, that’s better
[15:44]<Minall> rachad: Never erase root
<rachad> Minall: what do you mean ?
[15:45]<Minall> Just jocking rachad, like: there’s no better place than ~
<@quiliro> no Minall
<rachad> you mean never use rm /* :)
[15:46]<@quiliro> connect to your protonmail server with icedove or
thunderbird if not available
<@quiliro> and use icedove to send the encrypted email
<@quiliro> my case is different
<rachad> Emulatorman: Service Temporarily Unavailable at mit.edu
<@quiliro> I need to find a guide for gnus
<rachad> can you share a direct link of your public key
<Emulatorman> yes, seems so
[15:47]<Emulatorman> ok
<@quiliro> use another server Emulatorman … not mit.edu
<@quiliro> this is a good test for making this process much simpler
<rachad> i will just send you the same picture im using on tox and the
ssh key Emulatorman
<@quiliro> but we are learning a lot!
[15:48]*** Users on #asle: rachad Minall LightBearer @quiliro coadde
Emulatorman @torshido void09
<rachad> Emulatorman: https://keys.openpgp.org/
<Minall> quiliro: I aggre
<Minall> s/aggre/agree
<@quiliro> ogre
<@quiliro> :-D
[15:49]<LightBearer> :-D
<Minall> >.<
<LightBearer> :-D
<Minall> A little unrelated question quiliro, do you have any idea on
how to prevent (switch-to-buffer) to prompt, and just go to
its first selection automatically?\
[15:50]<Minall> Don’t worry, just found the way quiliro :-D
[15:51]<@quiliro> everyone has to send your ssh public key, signed with your
private gpg key and encrypted with emulator’s gpg public key
<Minall> Just finished my first own elisp function, and I’m proud
<@quiliro> to emulator’s email
<Emulatorman> rachad: is there a hkp protocol from there to send my
key, i don’t trust send my public key via browsers
[15:52]<Emulatorman> s|send my key|send my key?|
<Minall> Wait a second, Imma note that but, let’s go for parts, first,
I’m downloading thunderbird since, is the easiest to install
for my distro
<@quiliro> Minall: ask at #emacs …. (switch-other-window) or
something I think
<Minall> quiliro: Just found the way: (switch-other-window nil)
[15:53]<rachad> hkps://keys.openpgp.org  Emulatorman
<@quiliro> keep it on-topic, Minall
<Emulatorman> rachad ^
[15:54]<Emulatorman> https://keys.openpgp.org/search?q=0xE6974752F9704456
<rachad> thank you Emulatorman
<Emulatorman> mit.edu upgraded too
[15:55]<Minall> quiliro: ok, sorry
<Minall> Still downloading thunderbird
[15:57]<@quiliro> pájaro tonto
<@quiliro> I call it tontobird
<@quiliro> LOL
[15:58]<LightBearer> Mejor dile thunderbird jooooooooooooooo
<LightBearer> LOL
<LightBearer> like the cartoon
<@quiliro> LightBearer de fuego …
<@quiliro> oh!
<LightBearer> perdon thundercat, me equivoqué
<LightBearer> lol
[15:59]<@quiliro> ya recuerdo he-man
<LightBearer> estás en otro cartoon
<LightBearer> lol
<@quiliro> sorry for the spanish
<@quiliro> how did it go for you, rachad
<@quiliro> ?
[16:00]<Minall> loll
<Minall> NO spanish allowed jajaj
<rachad> i keep getting key expired
<rachad> !
<@quiliro> generate a new gpg key
[16:01]<LightBearer> yes I was speaking spanish, I am careless
<LightBearer> remembering my childhood with cartoons.
<@quiliro> Ne parolu Hispanan!
[16:02]<@quiliro> LightBearer: please get it back on topic
<LightBearer> ok on topic
<@quiliro> we still need to help rachad and Minall send their keys
[16:03]<@quiliro> I can later help you
<@quiliro> I can later help you, LightBearer
<rachad> im getting Emulatorman key expired not my key
<LightBearer> I know, quiliro
<@quiliro> LightBearer: since you need to set up a mail client and you
have never done that before
[16:04]<rachad> did you send him your ssh key quiliro
<Emulatorman> rachad ->
<Minall> Thunderbird failed to find the settings for your email account
[16:05]<Emulatorman> > sig  sig3  F9704456 2021-02-13 __________ 2022-02-13
<Minall> I’m searching IMAP and POP setup for protonmail
<@quiliro> LightBearer: then you have to generate your gpg keys and
send your ssh public key to emulatorman’s email, signed with
your private gpg key and encrypted with his public gpg key.
<@quiliro> rachad: I did not send it yet
<@quiliro> I am trying to help everyone else first
[16:06]<@quiliro> rachad: ^
<@quiliro> Minall: I suggest imaps
<@quiliro> it is secure
[16:07]<Emulatorman> rachad: did you refresh your gpg database? -> gpg
–keyserver hkp://keys.gnupg.net –refresh-keys
<Minall> Ok, on it
<Emulatorman> hkp://keys.gnupg.net has my upgraded public key
<@quiliro> Minall: pops is secure too, but your mails are downloaded
and removed from the server by default
<Emulatorman> you can confirm here ->
[16:08]<@quiliro> Minall: and pops does not have directories
<Emulatorman> i use pop as secure way to handle all emails from my
<Minall> quiliro: No luck for me apparently
[16:09]<Minall> Like, protonmail can be used with thunderbird, through an
application of theirs, but pay is needed
<Minall> They don’t have POP support, only IMAP through their app,
nothing more
[16:10]<@quiliro> evil, Minall
<Emulatorman> Minall: we will give you a @hyperbola.info email account
<Minall> These settings aren’t public so, I would have to pay for
protonmail to go with it
<Minall> quiliro: I can’t describe this feeling, since I use libre
services, I could do anything, and if I couldn’t it was my
knowledge fault
[16:11]<Minall> But not this, like I know what to do but
<Minall> wow
<Minall> Emulatorman: Really!?
<Emulatorman> our email accounts support POP and IMAP
<Minall> Emulatorman: That would be amazing, really
<Emulatorman> yes, if you will have plans to join the Hyperbola team,
it is required to increase security between the team
<Minall> How should I do the process?, register in some way, or how can
I help you with it
<Minall> Emulatorman: Yes, these are my plans
[16:12]<@quiliro> If it is not possible to get a hyperbola.info email,
LightBearer and I could give you codes to get a riseup
account if you promise not to send spam with it….
[16:13]<Minall> quiliro: That’s another good option, let me read about riseup
and, why would I send spam? >.<
<Minall> I’m not evil like that
<Emulatorman> quiliro: you and LightBearer willl have a hyperbola.info
account, for that reason i’m requesting you a profile to
add to our team
<@quiliro> Minall: we know you in person and that is the requirement to
give codes to people in riseup
<Minall> I just want to learn how evil works so I can fight it, so
<Minall> You know me in person!?, I’m scared
<Emulatorman> eg. quiliro@hyperbola.info, minall@hyperbola.info,
[16:14]<Minall> Emulatorman: Sure, that would be cool, that or riseup, just a
mail I could use
<Minall> Not propietary crappy things
<Emulatorman> and you LightBearer? what is your nickname for the team?
anacleta or lightbearer?
<Emulatorman> i like anacleta link :P
<Minall> LightBearer: Is a great name
<LightBearer> Lightbearer please
<Emulatorman> *nick
<Minall> Minall is, peculiar?
<Emulatorman> ok Lightbearer
<Emulatorman> so lightbearer@hyperbola.info ?
[16:15]<@quiliro> Minall: I did not say you were evil; I said that of proton
<LightBearer> yes please and thanks Emulatorman
<Minall> quiliro: >.<
[16:16]<Emulatorman> coadde: ok, so, we should create rachad@hyperbola.info,
quiliro@hyperbola.info, lightbearer@hyperbola.info and
<@quiliro> lemon face, Minall ?
<@quiliro> LOL
<Minall> jajaj
[16:17]<Minall> Yes, a mail I could connect with and work with encryption, for
the team
<@quiliro> yes, it would be nice for all the team to have
hyperbola.info users
<coadde> Emulatorman: ok, I will create emails.
<Emulatorman> guys, if encrypted emails are hard to do right now,
please send me those things via Tox
<@quiliro> oh…my
<Emulatorman> Tox is more easy for that and more secure than emails
[16:18]<@quiliro> setting up tox
<@quiliro> haha
<@quiliro> new task
<Minall> Is it hard?
<rachad> nop just install it
<@quiliro> no….unless you have done it before
<rachad> verry easy
<Minall> Tox seems easy
<Minall> Perhaps that would be a better option?
[16:19]<@quiliro> there is toxic, qtox, and others
<@quiliro> for tox
<@quiliro> https://tox.chat
<@quiliro> search for chat clients
<Emulatorman> it is my Tox ID ->
<Minall> I would go with watever option, I would still need to be
connected to IRC
[16:20]<Minall> So for official things Tox and mail are the options, both seem
<Minall> Tox seems easier though, btw, I have to go, Imma connect in
the night
[16:21]<@quiliro> I think we could wrap it up
<Minall> Yeah, Tox seems with even more features so
<Minall> If you guys trust it, Imma go with it
[16:22]<@quiliro> everyone send your ssh public key to emulatorman signed and
encrypted with email or through tox
<Minall> I have to run, I will connect in the night
<Minall> I will send you my public key tonigh Emulatorman, through Tox
<@quiliro> next meeting monday
<Minall> Farewell, I have to run!
<@quiliro> 14h00 utc-5
<Minall> On #hyperbola
<LightBearer> Minall: it is good to see you, Monday at 2pm Quito s
<rachad> okay
[16:23]<Minall> Thanks, LightBearer
<LightBearer> Minal have a nice weekend.
<@quiliro> on #asle monday 14h00 utc-5
<Minall> Same to yo0u all!
<@quiliro> thank you everyone for comming
<@quiliro> it was really great today
<Minall> This was nice!
<@quiliro> I liked it very much
[16:24]<@quiliro> thanks to the students: LightBearer, rachad, minall
<@quiliro> and to the teachers: Emulatorman and coadde
<LightBearer> quiliro: you are welcome
<rachad> thank you quiliro
*** Users on #asle: rachad LightBearer @quiliro coadde Emulatorman
@torshido void09
[16:25]<@quiliro> rachad: I am sorry your friend left
<@quiliro> what happened?
<LightBearer> who me?
<rachad> idk quiliro but he works with me so tomorrow i will meet him
[16:26]<@quiliro>  <didou_>
<@quiliro> ok
<@quiliro> rachad: please thank him also for comming
[16:27]<rachad> quiliro i will do
[16:28]<rachad> Emulatorman: i will try to send you my profile updated in tox
again like the one you shared
<@quiliro> thank you all for making such a great team and contributing
your abilities to this fantastic project
<Emulatorman> guys, i need it as profile:
<Emulatorman> Alias:  Emulatorman
<Emulatorman> Email:  emulatorman@hyperbola.info
<Emulatorman> Other Contact:  IRC: Emulatorman | Tox:
<Emulatorman> PGP Key:  0xF9704456
<Emulatorman> Roles:  Hyperbola Co-Founder and Developer
<Emulatorman> Website:
<Emulatorman> Occupation:  Software Developer
<Emulatorman> Birth Year:  1986
<Emulatorman> Location:  Brazil
<Emulatorman> Languages:  Portuguese, Spanish, English and Galician
<Emulatorman> Interests:  Free Software, Ecology
<Emulatorman> Favorite Distros:
<Emulatorman> ………..
[16:29]<Emulatorman> it’s a sample for you guys
<rachad> thank you Emulatorman
[16:30]<rachad> i will send you a file with my profile in tox
<Emulatorman> ok ty
<Emulatorman> i’m going to create your profile right now
[16:32]<Emulatorman> please let me know when you will have it ready ok
[16:58]<rachad> Emulatorman: i have sent you my profile
<Emulatorman> ok ty
[18:02]<rachad> Emulatorman: i sent you a fix file of my profile :)
[18:29]<Emulatorman> ok rachad, ty, i’m going to stay away from my computer
while coadde is preparing our git structure
<Emulatorman> then i will include you in our team profiles
<Emulatorman> and email accounts