HyperbolaBSD – meeting 5

Meeting 5 to hack HyperbolaBSD

[13:51]<rachad> Emulatorman: check tox
[13:52]<rachad> hello everyone !
<Emulatorman> ok
[13:54]<@quiliro> hello rachad
<@quiliro> nice to see you here again
[13:55]*** Users on #asle: Megver83 rachad xuxx_ coadde Emulatorman
janaxpachapuka @quiliro Minall @torshido void09 biovoid
<rachad> thank you quiliro
<@quiliro> welcome to our meeting everyone
<@quiliro> thank you for comming
<Emulatorman> quiliro: Megver83 is one of our Hyperbola members and
Parabola active packager and he will join in our
HyperbolaBSD dev team
[13:56]<Emulatorman> quiliro: so i let him know to join in our meeting too
<@quiliro> welcome Megver83 …. thank you very much for comming
<@quiliro> thank you for inviting him, Emulatorman
[13:57]<Emulatorman> yw
<Emulatorman> btw, what about lightbearer? is she online?
[13:58]<Emulatorman> i didn’t see her online here
[13:59]<@quiliro> apparently not
[14:00]<LightBearer> hola ya estoy aquí… estoy hecha un revoltijo, no
encuentro mis archivos en esta compu denme un rato
<@quiliro> without the lightbearer we are in the dark! LOL
<@quiliro> be it the light!
<LightBearer> dark is my computer, I do not find my files.
<@quiliro> nice to see you LightBearer
<@quiliro> we were already missing youu
[14:01]<Emulatorman> LightBearer: please, send us your profile to add to our
support staff team
[14:02]<Emulatorman> you can use the quiliro’s profile as sample ->
[14:05]<Emulatorman> quiliro: what about profeluchito? is he available for
[14:17]<Megver83> Hi everyone! just arrived, I was in class
[14:18]<rachad> hi Megver83 welcome
[14:19]* Minall is watching from above
* quiliro was helping LightBearer with profile
[14:20]<@quiliro> do you remember the nick of profeluchito’s student?
[14:22]<Emulatorman> quiliro: he is LuxFer
[14:23]<LightBearer> Emulatorman: I have alredy sent you my profile, check it
<Emulatorman> ok
[14:25]<@quiliro> I have his phone number but it is wrong
<@quiliro> I will try to contact profeluchito
[14:27]<LightBearer> what is the next step, after sending you my public key
and my profile?
<LightBearer> Emulatorman: ?
<@quiliro> I think it is the problem with my phone operator
[14:29]<@quiliro> luxfer is about to connect
<@quiliro> I hope he speaks english
[14:30]<Emulatorman> LightBearer:
<Emulatorman> LightBearer: welcome to the team
<LuxFer> Hola, buenas tardes
<@quiliro> profeluchito does not speak english
<LuxFer> Disculpen la tardanza…
[14:31]<@quiliro> hola LuxFer, bienvenido….estamos hablando en inglés en
este momento
<LuxFer> Oh so sorry
<@quiliro> thank you very much for changing the language, LuxFer
<LuxFer> Hi to everyone
[14:32]<@quiliro> welcome to the team
<rachad> hola LuxFer :)
<LuxFer> Jajaja thanks
<@quiliro> today we handing out team certifications
<LuxFer> Hola rachad :)
<Emulatorman> LuxFer: do you have plans to join the HyperbolaBSD dev
team? i mean it because i’m adding the profiles and
coadde is creating the @hyperbola.info email accounts and
git access
[14:33]<@quiliro> for example for anacleta/lightbearer
<@quiliro> she has changed personality
[14:34]<@quiliro> but for us, it is the same person
<LightBearer> in the begining it sound like I have a personality
<LightBearer> LOL
<rachad> :D
<@quiliro> LOL
[14:35]<rachad> what does it mean you changed personality
[14:36]<LuxFer> LightBearer change personality! :o
<@quiliro> rachad: apparently it is the same personality with a
different nick
<LightBearer> in the beginning it appeared LightBearer and then I wrote
Lightbearer, as you can see the B is no capital anymore
<Emulatorman> well guys, i’m going to let you know about our progress
here. coadde made a modification in our git page (cgit)
to organize our official repos and user ones
[14:37]<LuxFer> Emulatorman yeah! I wanna join to the team
<@quiliro> perhaps she wanted to play hide and seek
<Emulatorman> https://git.hyperbola.info:50100/
<Emulatorman> any team member will have a specific user access you can
see the Megver83 one as ~megver in the git site
[14:38]<Emulatorman> coadde is creating specific user accounts, so you can
create git repos inside your user account
<@quiliro> It would be great we could make a sample commit
<Emulatorman> so, if you want develop HyperbolaBSD kernel, just copy
the hyperbk git repo to your user account
[14:39]<Emulatorman> Megver83: afaik Parabola server has a script to
create/delete git repos, could you give us that script?
[14:40]<Emulatorman> Megver83: it is so important to ease the task for our
team to create their custom git repos
[14:41]<@quiliro> welcome barbanegra
<Emulatorman> coadde decided create a similar structure in git than
Linux kernel environment, where official git repos will
remain untouched until see the team commits from their
users repos
<Emulatorman> if those commits are stable from their user git repos,
then we pull to the official one
<barbanegra> gracias quiliro
[14:42]<@quiliro> barbanegra: we are building the development team to create a
new operating system
<Emulatorman> in fact, you have total access in your user account to
create/delete git repos, it will appear in our site as
your git repo eg. if quiliro will create a git repo, it
will appear inside ~quiliro
<Emulatorman> so he can push and modify this git repo without limits
[14:43]<rachad> okay how do we access our git
<Emulatorman> so under this way, we remain our structure decentralized
and federalized, however inside our git server
[14:44]<Emulatorman> rached: coadde is structuring it yet, you will have an
user account inside the server, so you can create your
git repos, also you can add your custom ones, not only
<Emulatorman> rached: it will be similar than github
<rachad> alright
[14:45]<Emulatorman> rached: however since libregit became a mess, we decided
to invest more time to bring those git repos to our
server instead from abroad
[14:46]<barbanegra> a new operating system? as a new kernel from scratch? or a
new GNU distribution?
<Emulatorman> LuxFer: ok, we need a ssh key (ed25519 algorithm
required) and profile (see quiliro one as sample ->
[14:47]<rachad> Emulatorman: what do you think about https://sourcehut.org/
<Emulatorman> barbanegra: HyperbolaBSD will be a new BSD descendant by
using OpenBSD as base (hard-forking) to develop a BSD
focused on GPLv3 to bring new GPLed features or port
GPLed compatible ones.
<rachad> i mean what about hosting a server using it
[14:48]<Emulatorman> barbanegra: we have an interview about it from It’s FOSS
for further details ->
[14:49]<@quiliro> by the way, we have a new volunteer from guatemala
<@quiliro> he is not here now
<barbanegra> ah nice ! yes, i’ve heard of HyperbolaBSD
<barbanegra> seems great
<@quiliro> but he will take all our chats from the previous meetings
and make a document to guide newbies
<Emulatorman> barbanegra: currently we are planning to bring new
volunteers/devs to speed up the development
[14:50]<barbanegra> maybe try contact Jaidedctrl, she mantained LibertyBSD
<@quiliro> then he wil translate it to English
<barbanegra> she probably will be interested
[14:51]<Emulatorman> barbanegra: our plan is release HyperbolaBSD for 2024
however if we will increase our dev team, it could be
possible to release (at least the Beta version) before
that year
<Emulatorman> barbanegra: could you or quiliro contact her?
[14:52]<Emulatorman> barbanegra: currently our high priority is increase our
team as fast as possible to speed up the development. we
want a BSD descendant system focused on GPL usable before
[14:55]<barbanegra> ok i can
[14:57]<barbanegra> I told her to join this channel, she seems to be away
<Emulatorman> ok ty barbanegra
[14:58]<Megver83> Emulatorman: sorry for the late answer, I’m going and
coming. Regarding the automatic git repo
creation/deletion/modification idk if where’s such script, I
just ssh git@repo and it automatically starts, but I’ll look
for it later, please remind me
[14:59]<Emulatorman> Megver83: afaik, fauno or lukeshu did that.
[15:00]<barbanegra> i work on DevOps
<barbanegra> is there any need for DevOps work?
[15:05]<Emulatorman> barbanegra: currently, we are requesting new developer
volunteers (Assembly, C, etc) to complete the
HyperbolaBSD kernel. coadde is preparing our new git
structure, email accounts and profiles while i’m
preparing the roadmap to add in our site and markdown for
those user who reject the using of javascript
[15:08]<Emulatorman> barbanegra: anyway, i’m going to push a list of the
current kernel development to you see it while our
roadmap is under progress
<barbanegra> nice
[15:09]<@quiliro> Emulatorman: is it possible to do anything right now?
<barbanegra> hey Jadedctrl
<@quiliro> such as add a repository or clone or whatever
<@quiliro> welcome to the chatroom jadedctrl
<@quiliro> thank you for comming
[15:10]<Emulatorman> quiliro: it stills under progress (around 80%), coadde is
preparing the user accounts and emails and permissions
<jadedctrl> o/
<@quiliro> I am the host for this room but Emulatorman is the head
developer of HyperbolaBSD
<barbanegra> jadedctrl would you like to work on HyperbolaBSD?
<@quiliro> jadedctrl: have you heard about it?
[15:11]<@quiliro> barbanegra: thank you for inviting jadedctrl
<jadedctrl> heard of it, hyperbolaBSD seems like an excellent project
<jadedctrl> but I don’t really have the time to contribute rn
[15:12]<@quiliro> jadedctrl: if you can contribute one hour per week, it would
be a lot for us because of your experience
[15:13]<@quiliro> jadedctrl: we would appreciate it very much
[15:14]<jadedctrl> not sure I’d be able to help too much― my experience with C
and asm is pretty limited
<barbanegra> and you know a lot about OpenBSD and the problems of
building an image
[15:15]<@quiliro> what do you think, Emulatorman ?
<@quiliro> I agree with barbanegra
<@quiliro> your support would be great as a name also, jadedctrl
[15:16]<@quiliro> if you agree with the objectives
<jadedctrl> i’ll have to see if there are ways I can contribute :)
[15:17]<@quiliro> would you please tell us what were the problems and
dificulties when you did your project?
[15:19]<@quiliro> jadedctrl: you could tell people about volunteering to
<@quiliro> that would be indeed very useful without much time
<jadedctrl> iirc on the libertybsd site I added a link to hyperbolabsd
<@quiliro> very nice jadedctrl … thanks
[15:20]<LightBearer> I agree with Quiliro
[15:22]<jadedctrl> and the biggest problem with lbsd was managing libre ports
and packages, iirc
<jadedctrl> thought y’all seem to have plenty of experience on that
front already
<jadedctrl> *though
[15:24]<barbanegra> Jadedctrl has a few commitments already
[15:25]<barbanegra> But maybe she will have more time in a couple months
<barbanegra> I think you don’t need to start right away jadedctrl
<barbanegra> But you can hang around and give advice for now
[15:28]<@quiliro> yes, definitely
<@quiliro> it is very motivating too
[15:29]<@quiliro> LuxFer: please send your data to emulatorman’s tox user
<@quiliro> to be included in the team
[15:30]<Emulatorman> yes, anyway, HyperbolaBSD is planned to be released for
2024 (desired for 2022~2023), so there is enough time to
join in the team who have more free time in a couple
[15:31]<Emulatorman> guys, i have current task to do for you right now, do you
would help us create a documentation for our
HyperbolaBSD’s Roadmap? we could create a draft in a pad
[15:32]<Emulatorman> i have a file about our kernel source code list and TODO,
however i need help to do an introduction to push that
article/documentation to wiki/markdown
<Emulatorman> quiliro: could you give us a pad site to begin it?
[15:33]<Emulatorman> quiliro: i mean it because you are using a limited
browser, so you should choose a way to we begin do this
task, what do you think?
[15:34]<@quiliro> Emulatorman: it would be better to do it with git
[15:35]<Emulatorman> ok quiliro: so i need the confirmation who would join in
our team to begin it as fast as possible
<@quiliro> who has been confirmed up to now?
[15:36]<Emulatorman> quiliro: currently, we have lightbearer, megver83,
minall, you and rachad
<@quiliro> has LuxFer sent his data??
<Emulatorman> no yet
<Emulatorman> i didn’t received the tox invitation from him
<@quiliro> how are you with that, LuxFer ?
[15:37]<LuxFer> What is the id of Emulatorman?
<@quiliro> Emulatorman: that is the id of LuxFer
[15:38]<rachad> LuxFer:
<rachad> thats emulatorman ID LuxFer
[15:39]<@quiliro> rachad: which is yours?
[15:40]<rachad> quiliro: wen you copy someone else id from your tox contact
list it doesn’t give you 76 hexadecimal characters
[15:41]<rachad> it will always miss the no spam characters
[15:42]<rachad> i didn’t play with other tox clients but qtox at least does
<@quiliro> oh…I see
<rachad> quiliro: this is my ID
<@quiliro> I am newbie
[15:43]<rachad> we all are :)
[15:44]<Emulatorman> coadde is creating a new git user called «~team», so
entire team will have access there to push commits, it
will be useful to work entire team together
(eg. HyperbolaBSD kernel and drafts)
[15:45]<rachad> okay great
<Emulatorman> the official ones will be only mirrors
[15:50]<Emulatorman> for compatibility reasons (eg. read in sites without
additional scripts), we decided using of markdown for
documentation, draft, source code readme, etc.
<@quiliro> which are your tox ids, Minall and LightBearer =?
<Minall> Thanks for mentioning me quiliro, just was on meeting break
[15:52]<Minall> But now I’m back on it lol, I’m reading all though
<Emulatorman> btw, it is the official markdown syntax documentation for
further details ->
<Minall> Emulatorman Can org be used?, with HTML exporting
<Minall> Or just markdown
<Emulatorman> we will use markdown for compatibility reasons
[15:53]<Emulatorman> eg. Org has no mime type support
<Emulatorman> and we need it
[15:54]<Emulatorman> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Media_type
[15:55]<Emulatorman> Markdown has support of mime type instead
[15:58]<LightBearer> I do not remember my public key, I am searching for it.
<rachad> :)
<@quiliro> I thought you already sent it to Emulatorman
[15:59]<rachad> at least make sure you save you private key LightBearer
<@quiliro> LightBearer: what I asked for is for your tox id…not for
your ssh public key
[16:00]<@quiliro> yes, LightBearer…never give your private keys…they are
<@quiliro> ;-)
<rachad> LightBearer: its in your .ssh
[16:01]<rachad> if you didn’t move it somewere else
<rachad> id_ed25519.pub
[16:04]<LightBearer> this is my tox id
[16:05]<LightBearer> thank you all for your valuable help.
[16:06]<@quiliro> rachad: she already sent her ssh public key to Emulatorman
<@quiliro> or not, LightBearer ?
<Emulatorman> yes, i received it
[16:07]<LightBearer> yes I sent him a long time ago
[16:20]<@quiliro> ok amigos… is there any thing else?
<@quiliro> Emulatorman: I guess we are doing our english meetings here
at this time
<@quiliro> 14h00 utc-5
[16:22]<Emulatorman> yes
<Emulatorman> that is the way, english is the best choice to use as
language for our meeting, since all of us understand that
[16:23]<@quiliro> it is more difficult for most
<LightBearer> how many contacts must be included I have 4 less me.
<@quiliro> but some do not speak spanish
<rachad> what do you mean LightBearer
[16:24]<@quiliro> she wants to enter the group chat on tox
[16:25]<rachad> ok
[16:27]<@quiliro> basically rachad and Megver83
[16:28]<@quiliro> the rest speak spanish
<@quiliro> but it is difficult
<rachad> its difficult to speak english ?
[16:29]<@quiliro> yes…90% of the world does not speak english and for about
half of the speakers it is not a first language
[16:30]<@quiliro> it is not easy to attain a good level as has a native
[16:31]<@quiliro> so, that is why I said it is a difficult language
<rachad> at least until we all learn spanish we will all use english
here :D
<@quiliro> spanish is even harder
<rachad> i know english native speakers who have a verry bad english
[16:32]<@quiliro> esperanto is easy…but most people do not want to spend
time learning
<@quiliro> me too!
<@quiliro> LOL
<rachad> :)
<rachad> i think we are doing okay!
[16:33]<@quiliro> dankon al ĉuij….thanks everyone
<@quiliro> I think we did a lot today
<Minall> I’m on my way home my friends!… Imma pass you everything
through tox Emulatorman
<Minall> Bye quiliro!
<@quiliro> integrating a team is not easy
<@quiliro> nice Minall
[16:34]<@quiliro> but we are a team now
<rachad> good
<@quiliro> it does not matter if we can help with a lot or just a few
minutes every day
<@quiliro> HyperbolaBSD counts on us
[16:35]<biovoid> I’ve been loosely following (was working…) My C/assembly
skills are weak
<@quiliro> and we can each pitch in our drop of water
<Emulatorman> biovoid: yes, but you would learn in the way
<rachad> same here biovoid
[16:36]<biovoid> Yes, I would be happy to learn
<Emulatorman> biovoid: HyperbolaBSD is a platform where you can learn
and improve your skill, even if you are newbie as
<Emulatorman> biovoid: you could looking for tutorials, also there are
a lot of courses in Udemy with cheap prices
[16:39]<Megver83> quiliro: my native lang is spanish, btw (I’m Chilean)
<@quiliro> oh!
[16:40]<@quiliro> Emulatorman: I wonder if there is some libre material to
learn C
<LightBearer> oh!
[16:41]<@quiliro> Megver83: I meant gaming4jc
<@quiliro> but he is not here…so I switched your nicks…sorry
[16:43]<rachad> i hope im not the only one here who doesn’t speak spanish :)
<@quiliro> Stallman always says that the best way to learn is to read
code from a good project and then write the code
<@quiliro> haha, rachad
<biovoid> rachad: I don’t speak Spanish either
<@quiliro> it is not a sin
<rachad> nice biovoid your my best friend ;)
<@quiliro> haha
<biovoid> you are in good company :)
<rachad> thank you
[16:44]<@quiliro> very good
<@quiliro> Emulatorman: so, are we done?
<@quiliro> are there any more questions?
<LightBearer> n
<LightBearer> no
[16:45]<Emulatorman> quiliro: no quiliro, there are some things to do
<@quiliro> biovoid: are you willing to be part of the team?
<Emulatorman> first of all, biovoid, would you like to join the team as
HyperbolaBSD’s dev?
<Emulatorman> the second one are the links to learn C programming
[16:46]<Emulatorman> currently, i’m going to looking for the links for that
[16:47]<@quiliro> it would be great that biovoid would join in
<rachad> wen will we meet again quiliro ?
<@quiliro> tomorrow
<rachad> okay
<@quiliro> just 1  hour
<Emulatorman> tutorials:
<Emulatorman> https://www.tutorialspoint.com/cprogramming/index.htm
<Emulatorman> https://www.cprogramming.com/tutorial/c-tutorial.html
<Emulatorman> those 2 links were important to me learn C
[16:48]<rachad> thank you Emulatorman
<biovoid> Yes, I would love to be involved… my time is limited in the
coming months, but I would be happy to contribute where I can
<Emulatorman> today, i will looking for important courses from Udemy
for you guys
<rachad> alright
[16:49]<@quiliro> biovoid…if you can be here every day for a little, it
would be great
[16:50]<@quiliro> monday-friday
<@quiliro> at 14h00 utc-5
<LightBearer> Emulatorman: thank you for the links.
<rachad> everyday at 2pm utc-5 quiliro ?
[16:51]<@quiliro> yes
<@quiliro> but not saturday and sunday
<rachad> okay
<@quiliro> well, I guess someone will be in #hyperbola
[16:52]<@quiliro> the idea is that it will not be more than 1 hour every day
<@quiliro> so people will not have to use much time
<@quiliro> and can be able to contribute
<@quiliro> with a little
[16:53]<@quiliro> and with a lot of people contributing a little every day, it
becomes a lot
<@quiliro> of contributions
*** Users on #asle: jadedctrl barbanegra LuxFer LightBearer Megver83
rachad xuxx_ coadde Emulatorman janaxpachapuka @quiliro @torshido
void09 biovoid
<biovoid> I try to tune in to some capacity, but that is during my day
job presently, so my focus may be intermittent
<@quiliro> Emulatorman: did LuxFer send you the data?
[16:54]<@quiliro> ok, biovoid … you can connect to #hyperbola at other times
and mention Emulatorman or me
[16:55]<Emulatorman> Udemy courses:
<biovoid> I am just about always connected to #hyperbola, …just not
always active
[16:56]<biovoid> Emulatorman: thank you for linking all these resources
[16:57]<Emulatorman> all of those course will give you certification
[16:58]<Emulatorman> those courses are paid, however you could get 90%
discount udemy coupons around internet
[16:59]<rachad> i cant see t
<rachad> *
<rachad> i cant see how much they cost right now cause i dont use
<rachad> but i will try to access them from another pc tomorrow
<Emulatorman> ok
<rachad> thank you Emulatorman
[17:00]<Emulatorman> you’re welcome
<rachad> if its not much i will surely buy them
[17:02]<Emulatorman> guys, i recommend codeblocks as IDE for development
<Emulatorman> for those who love the old school, Emacs and Vim is the
[17:04]<Emulatorman> another interesting C programming course in Udemy ->
<Emulatorman> it contains over 100 practical exercises
[17:07]<rachad> okay
<Emulatorman> at least this latest link is focused for students
[17:09]<@quiliro> what happened to LuxFer ?
[17:18]<@quiliro> biovoid: did you send your details to Emulatorman to be part
of the team?
<@quiliro> biovoid: do you have a tox user?
<Emulatorman> i think it is enough for today guys, meanwhile coadde
stills preparing our structure for the team (git,
emails), you could see those links (tutorials and
courses) for further details
<biovoid> ohh I have not used tox in years; I don’t remember any of my
[17:21]<@quiliro> you can send an encrypted email to emulatorman or contact
him via tox
[17:22]<@quiliro> please talk to him for being included in the team
<@quiliro> I am sure you could come at least a few minutes per day
[17:23]<biovoid> will do
<@quiliro> thank you very much
[17:25]<@quiliro> well thanks everyone: Emulatorman and coadde, jadedctrl
… and especially LightBearer, biovoid and LuxFer …it was
nice to have barbanegra for his great overall view of things
[17:26]<Emulatorman> btw, git course for those who never used git ->
[17:27]<@quiliro> it was a great meeting….will publish the chat at asle.ec
[17:28]<@quiliro> and will have a draft of the information gathered in these 5
sessions in a couple of days
<barbanegra> I hope to have more time as soon as I am done with my
[17:29]<@quiliro> I forgot to mention Minall and megver83…they participated
too and their contributions were very useful
<@quiliro> yes, barbanegra
[17:30]<@quiliro> your suggestions are always great too
<@quiliro> please come when you can
[17:31]<barbanegra> Yes I do want ta help
<barbanegra> I am deeply worried about the constant addition of
insecurities and code to the kernel
[17:32]<barbanegra> Lots of stuff to benefit android or cloud providers
[17:33]<Emulatorman> btw, LuxFer is included in our dev team, welcome! ->
[17:35]<LuxFer> Thanks Emulatorman
[17:46]<@quiliro> oh! great
<@quiliro> welcome to te team, LuxFer
[17:47]<@quiliro> barbanegra: then please send the data and your ssh public
key to Emulatorman
<@quiliro> barbanegra: you can always help with however much you can
[17:48]<@quiliro> every little effort pushes forward
[17:49]<barbanegra> OK I will (:.
[18:22]<@quiliro> nice barbanegra
[18:33]<Emulatorman> biovoid added to the dev team ->
[18:35]<Emulatorman> welcome biovoid to the team!
[18:39]<Emulatorman> well guys, i need to go for some minutes
[18:40]<Emulatorman> some doubt or question to do?
[18:46]<Emulatorman> well, i’m going to go for some minutes/hours, see ya soon
* Emulatorman is afk