HyperbolaBSD – meeting 6

Meeting 6 to hack HyperbolaBSD

[14:05]<@quiliro> Welcome everyone to our 6th meeting (#5) for the
HyperbolaBSD development team.
[14:07]<Emulatorman_> hi guys
<biovoid> Hello all
<throgh> Hello together!
[14:08]<@quiliro> There are logs to the previous sessions at
https://www.asle.ec/entrevistas-hyperbolabsd/ until we have
a well made document which a volunteer is constructing.
<throgh> Welcome back, rachad.
[14:09]<rachad> thank you throgh
<@quiliro> A lot of volunteers have been included in the team.
[14:10]<@quiliro> nice to see you again biovoid
[14:11]<@quiliro> Emulatorman_: It would be nice to have one page for all
members with link to each member at
[14:12]<LuxFer> Hola a todos
<LuxFer> :D
<rachad> hola LuxFer
<@quiliro> hey LuxFer
[14:13]<throgh> Hej LuxFer! :)
[14:15]<LuxFer> How are they doing?
[14:17]<rachad> welcome back LightBearer
<LightBearer> Hello
<rachad> i think we are all here!
<@quiliro> hello LightBearer
[14:18]<LuxFer> Hi LightBearer
<throgh> Hello.
<LightBearer> to all of you guys
[14:19]<LightBearer> and gals
[14:20]<@quiliro> On the main page there are the members of the various groups
<@quiliro> * Founders
<@quiliro> * Developers
<@quiliro> * Artists
<@quiliro> * Security Team
<@quiliro> * Support Staff
<@quiliro> * Members Fellows
<@quiliro>   https://www.hyperbola.info
[14:22]<@quiliro> Emulatorman_ coadde : can we start… are a little late
[14:23]<@quiliro> for the people that don’t know them, these are the main
developers along with Megver83
<@quiliro> they will guide us in this dungeon
<@quiliro> to fight the kernel monsters and get to the core
[14:24]<Emulatorman_> i think members groups are well done because it make
more organized, i mean some users could ask some
specific things for specific areas, merge them makes so
confusing from my point of view
<@quiliro> A FREE CORE
[14:25]<Emulatorman_> but well, i saw some point of views from sagaracharya
who doesn’t understand me that i have no enough time to
handle all at the same time
[14:26]<throgh> That’s the point where I come in to help here. :) As said:
I’ll take my notes here for having transparency. It is
impossible to do all of this with three people. Too much and
therefore help! :)
[14:27]<Emulatorman_> yes, i didn’t drive the people who want to contribute
away from hyperbola, some people seems doesn’t
understand that we are humans, with limit time and
energy to do things.
[14:29]<Emulatorman_> also i’m developer, communication/documentation is not
my best, for that reason i considered the quiliro’s idea
so good to improve «communication» and «transparency»,
also to help our development
[14:31]<rachad> we will all contribute the best we can in this project, indeed
this idea was verry good from quiliro but we will develope it
help maintain it to share knowledge and help mov ething fast.
[14:32]<LightBearer> rachad I do not understand: mov ething fast… please
explain it for me
<throgh> A good point as the project and the idea are so important, but
the same is for the people behind.
[14:33]<rachad> *move things fast
<rachad> sorry a typing error
<LightBearer> rachad, thanks a lot
[14:34]<@quiliro> the post says: «We lack of members who could make our
announcements, news and also we need man power who could
helping to bring more volunteers to increase our
<@quiliro> team and speed up the development of HyperbolaBSD and Milky
Way v0.4.»
<@quiliro> so that means that anyone can help, regardless how much
knowledge they have or what area is their strength
[14:35]<@quiliro> I called people here because I invited Emulatorman_ to our
group to talk to them
<@quiliro> but most people here are not from our group…
<@quiliro> it is ok for me
<rachad> your welcome LightBearer, thank you for pointing that out i
know its already hard for you guys to speak english with
mistakes it would be impossible :)
[14:36]<Emulatorman_> yes, originally these meetings were planned to arrive
volunteers from ecuadorian universities and bring them
to a future dev team to speed up the HyperbolaBSD
development, where we didn’t receive volunteers from our
official announcement from a long time
<@quiliro> but if you mind it being here, we can go back to #hyperbola
for the next meetings
<Emulatorman_> i think that is the goal
[14:37]<@quiliro> I trust I can find more volunteers for the next few months
<@quiliro> it is just too bureaucratic here
<LightBearer> rachad, English is my second languaje and are some words
I do not understand, I think a question never is silly.
<@quiliro> there must be an agreement with each university
<throgh> Ah I get it. So I think it is time for me giving back a
«Sorry». If this was my personal misunderstanding, this was my
fault. :( Sorry, guys: I had this no longer in mind as I just
had only the thought to give information for PKGBUILD,
optimizations and hope for help.
[14:38]<rachad> of cource LightBearer your welcome to ask and correct me
anytime :)
<LightBearer> rachad :)
<Emulatorman_> i arrived here to help the future volunteers got from
ASLE for HyperbolaBSD, but the goal is continue in
#hyperbola when those volunteers understand our point of
views and philosophy
[14:39]<rachad> quiliro: i think your right maybe we should move this meeting
into #hyperbola
[14:40]<rachad> at the same time but in the main channel to make more
transparent for everyone
[14:41]<@quiliro> LuxFer: puedes encontrar el log de ayer en

HyperbolaBSD – meeting 5

<@quiliro> LuxFer: busca git para aprender sobre git
[14:42]<@quiliro> LuxFer: hay un hipervínculo a un manual que mandó
[14:43]<throgh> I’ll take this as central point, Emulatorman. :) May I propose
to have a link or some kind of news-entry? Linking the talks,
at the frontpage. Besides I’ll take a later view on how far
you have reached: So do you have some concurrent plan for
today? Essentials for C? Git-handling? Repositories in
general? Or algorithms for the kernel itself? Sorry, too
[14:44]<@quiliro> so, I could call people and when they come here I will send
them to #hyperbola for our daily meetings
<LuxFer> Listo, muchas gracias quiliro
<rachad> okay quiliro good idea
<temp_infini8> Cannot post anything in hyperbola
<temp_infini8> channel
[14:45]<temp_infini8> Shows «cannot send to nick/channel»
<Emulatorman_> throgh: i think you could create a thread in our forums
with details about all of those meetings for better
transparency. i had plans to do it, but for lacking of
time i couldn’t do as fast as soon possible
<@quiliro> temp_infini8: send a private message to any op of that
<rachad> temp_infini8 you need to have a registered account at freenode
[14:46]<@quiliro> I have someone making a summary for tomorrow of our meetings
<temp_infini8> Can we continue this meet here? Tomorrow we can move
<@quiliro> rachad: you can gett voice if the operator authorizes
[14:47]<rachad> yes temp_infini8 tomorrow meeting will be there
<Emulatorman_> throgh: also we need create a detailed roadmap for
HyperbolaBSD, maybe a pad is the best idea or
git. coadde is currently structuring a new git
environment to our team begin contribute with new
commits there, but it will take time, maybe tomorrow
will be available, coadde is working around 20 hours for
the new structuring
<rachad> i know quiliro!
[14:48]<Emulatorman_> throgh: the current TODO based on Arch doesn’t work for
the new roadmap, because it requires a database with
packages already pushed in repos, and we haven’t those
<rachad> thank you coadde for all of this work :)
[14:49]<@quiliro> ok…then I will explain some things about git, if you do
not mind
<@quiliro> until it is ready
[14:53]<@quiliro> to make it clear, today we stay in this channel and tomorrow
we meet in #hyperbola
[14:54]<@quiliro> continuing with git
<@quiliro> https://www.udemy.com/course/git-complete/ is the link that
Emulatorman_ sent yesterday
[14:55]<@quiliro> but I cannot access it without javascript
<@quiliro> that crap is everywhere
[14:56]<@quiliro> throgh: I wish you had come 3 days earlier for compiling the
information on the logs
[14:57]<@quiliro> I have a translator volunteer do it before making the
<@quiliro> but it is difficult for them to understand
<@quiliro> nevertheless it is good that he learns about freedom haha
[14:59]<@quiliro> can someone here describe why they think coadde is
constructing the git infrastructure and why it is important
for the project?
<@quiliro> it is important to see what people think
<@quiliro> LuxFer, LightBearer
<@quiliro> biovoid….
[15:00]<@quiliro> what I am trying to say is that it is important to have git
[15:01]<@quiliro> and that git allows us to work in a group
<@quiliro> to develop this new operating system
<rachad> quiliro if i understand well coadde will give each of us a git
that can only be changed by the one who owns it
<@quiliro> or rather, to develop the parts that do not allow us to have
a free operating system
<rachad> just like what github is about
[15:02]<@quiliro> excelent
<biovoid> SCM (git, etc) is important for keeping work organized, both
for individual development and merging that work back into
the shared branch
<rachad> from new codes will be add to hyperbolabsd
<rachad> *from there
<LightBearer> Iam not expert like you.  I understand that coadde is
working in a infraestructure where our work will be
registered, every single change.
[15:03]<@quiliro> how would you explain it to someone who knows nothing about
<@quiliro> LightBearer: great! very simple…what else
<LightBearer> quiliro: I am the one who knows nothing about it
<LightBearer> :)
[15:04]<@quiliro> biovoid: nice
<LightBearer> Lux Fer tell it in english, we are going to help you, the
idea is to know what do you think about this matter
[15:05]<throgh> Sidenote as I have some «experiences» with SVN in the
company-way: I could tell you all some strange stories of
people trying to versioning their Office-documents with this,
seeing this as some kind «storage». So all in all: Repository
the name, SCM the way to go. Having graphics and documents
into this? Okay, but better to keep an eye onto this for
managing the code.
<LightBearer> LuxFer: not english, i tried to say spanish
<@quiliro> there is a little more to git and other versioning
software…they allow working together as biovid said
<LuxFer> Git is the means by which we will communicate with the changes
to finally make them in HyperBola?
[15:06]<@quiliro> LuxFer: yes :-)
<@quiliro> throgh: yes, using git for non-text is not a good idea
[15:07]<@quiliro> not even libreoffice documents make good use of git
<LuxFer> Simply put, Git is our «database»?
[15:08]<@quiliro> but plain-text documents work fine or even accounting
<@quiliro> it could be considered as such, LuxFer
[15:09]<@quiliro> I do not know the internals of git
<@quiliro> but we can have a document history
<@quiliro> we can see who made what changes and when
<@quiliro> each can have their own version and we can combine our
[15:10]<@quiliro> to make a «master» version
<@quiliro> and we can manage conflicting versions easily
<@quiliro> we just choose which changes go into the main repository and
which don’t
[15:11]<LuxFer> It could be taken into account, only that obviously all
versions have to be governed by the same path, otherwise that
would be a big fuss
<@quiliro> we can use considerations based on search terms or author or
<rachad> to be honest i know many wants to help in there free time as i
do, but we dont know how or what to start with right now i did
share my public ssh key with Emulatorman_ and i have an idea
how the git will be but i hope wen that happen we will start a
baby steps that help us learn to then share with the community
[15:12]<@quiliro> LuxFer: each user governs their version and you can
incorporate changes from other people’s versions
<@quiliro> rachad: did you read the link about git?
[15:13]<@quiliro> rachad: have you used git?
<rachad> yes its a cource
<@quiliro> ?
<LightBearer> We work like a community.  Everyone makes his/her own
<coadde> Can I create Git bare repository for markdown files?, what
name can I add? and in what group can I leave it?
[15:15]<rachad> coadde: will markdown files be a group work ?
<rachad> welcome back LuxFer
<LuxFer> The internet
<LuxFer> Thanks rachad
<Emulatorman_> rachad: since our current git repos are in different
groups now (see https://git.hyperbola.info:50100/) i
suppose coadde mean about create a new section for that
git repo
[15:16]<Emulatorman_> eg. hyperbolabsd for those git repos focused on
<rachad> yes a new tab or bare for that section
[15:17]<Emulatorman_> i think the section could be called as «documentation»
and add different repos there such as «howto» «roadmap»
«todo», etc
<rachad> okay that will do Emulatorman_
<Emulatorman_> so those documentations could be helped and contributed
for those users who hate javascript and i can’t
contribute in wiki for those reasons
[15:18]<Emulatorman_> also, we could backup wiki source there in a new git
repo called «wiki»
<Emulatorman_> it is useful for future accidents and crashes inside
doku (eg. a upgrading)
[15:19]<Emulatorman_> but again, we need volunteers for that
<@quiliro> haha, that is me
<rachad> your speaking to those volunteers Emulatorman_ :)
[15:20]<rachad> and im sure more will join wen we get used to what we have to
do and how we can help it will be easy from there
<LuxFer> I’m still lost hehe, I still hope I can with all this
<rachad> LuxFer: the git is were we will work and contribute
<@quiliro> LuxFer: you will learn, if you persist
<Emulatorman_> also again, the next meeting should be in #hyperbola
because there are a lot of users from Hyperbola who
would join in our team right now, and i wouldn’t put
excessive tasks to throgh
[15:21]<Emulatorman_> maybe it should be organized on that way, in fact the
main thread here is Hyperbola
<rachad> yes Emulatorman_
[15:23]<rachad> we could use mumble as well wen we start working as a team
[15:24]<LightBearer> and what about tox? we have an account there with our
[15:25]<@quiliro> It would be great that all communication could be
<Emulatorman_> yes, but mumble has better sound quality and doesn’t
require internet speed to use
<rachad> well groups in old tox clients cant be saved after
disconnecting as well
<Emulatorman_> but it should be announced in #hyperbola please
[15:26]<LightBearer> yes i use mumble for my work and it is an excellent
<LightBearer> not resource, tool
[15:27]<@quiliro> The only problem with mumble is that it is not encrypted
<@quiliro> I guess it could be encrypted with tor
<rachad> but keep tox for private chat LightBearer its a great way of
sharing data in a secure way
[15:28]<@quiliro> but mumble might not work as well with tor
<LightBearer> rachad: thank you for the information.
[15:29]<rachad> your welcome dear
<Emulatorman_> btw, we have a own mumble server available for that
[15:31]<Emulatorman_> address: hyperbola.info
<Emulatorman_> port: 64738
<Emulatorman_> throgh ^
<@quiliro> Emulatorman_: I think we should plan what we cover on our
daily meetings
[15:32]<@quiliro> does anyone have any suggestions ?
<@quiliro> for our plan for tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday
<Emulatorman_> yes, i think the next meeting should go to #hyperbola
since we have already our team to begin the first part
of the development
[15:33]<Emulatorman_> could you save the log of the daily meeting there
<Emulatorman_> *meetings
<@quiliro> sure, at asle.ec ?
<Emulatorman_> yes
<Emulatorman_> also we should create a git repo for that
<throgh> Is this one URL we could share for the community at the
forums? Just to ask for: A mumble-server is interesting for
internal communication.
<@quiliro> the best would be to make a git repo
<Emulatorman_> and save it for community
[15:34]<@quiliro> which url,  throgh ?
<rachad> the mumble server quiliro
[15:35]<@quiliro> we need a better format for logs
<temp_infini8> I have to go now. I’d like to contribute to Hyperbola.
<temp_infini8> Please add me as one of members. I’d like to contribute
as Security Team and Developer
<@quiliro> Emulatorman_: how will we deal with voicing people at
<@quiliro> as in the case of temp_infini8
<throgh> Thumbs up, temp_infini8!
[15:36]<@quiliro> temp_infini8: you need to send your data to Emulatorman_
<temp_infini8> I’ll give the details to throgh. We have been chatting a
bit if it is ok to the team?
<@quiliro> in the format others have sent
<temp_infini8> Yes, I will
<@quiliro> ok
[15:37]<@quiliro> you also have to create a ssh keypair
<@quiliro> and send that too
<temp_infini8> So I send it to throgh? quiliro
<@quiliro> encrypted
<@quiliro> you can send it via tox
<rachad> no temp_infini8 send it to Emulatorman_
<@quiliro> have you used tox?
<@quiliro> temp_infini8: it is important that you learn to use the
[15:38]<temp_infini8> ok quiliro, I’ll learn them
<temp_infini8> yes
<temp_infini8> I have used tox
<@quiliro> if you need help, do not doubt to ask
<temp_infini8> sure quiliro , thanks
<temp_infini8> muy bien hermanos! :D
<throgh> Yeah, the format rachad sent. Look onto the team-site
therefore. Ah, and perhaps we can make a collection for
interesting insights and books for development in the
forums. Sort out some thoughts about that!
[15:39]<throgh> Have a good night! *wave*
<rachad> see you tomorrow in #hyperbola temp_infini8 o/
<@quiliro> it is better if you ask on the chatroom than in a private
message in order to make better use of both of our times
<temp_infini8> I feel great to enter the Hyperbola team.
<@quiliro> temp_infini8: we have a lot of patience…so go ahead and
<@quiliro> we feel great that you enter too, temp_infini8
[15:40]<temp_infini8> I have to go now, unfortunately.
<@quiliro> throgh: \o
<@quiliro> thanks for comming throgh
<LightBearer> throgh chao
[15:41]<LightBearer> chao temp_infi8
[15:42]<rachad> alright i think we can continue tomorrow
<rachad> in #hyperbola at same hour
<@quiliro> thanks everyone for comming
<rachad> 2pm utc-5
[15:43]<throgh> Ah, I’ll stay here, people. :D Just to great temp_infini8!
<@quiliro> yes, every workday
<@quiliro> throgh: he left
<rachad> :)
[15:44]<@quiliro> lets wrap it up
<@quiliro> it was a great meeting … met new great people
[15:45]<Emulatorman_> yes, the next meeting will be in #hyperbola, we reached
our goal here by helping the new users with the basic
concepts of free software and licences. now, we need
merge them in our community through our official irc
channel and forums, that is the way
<throgh> Thumbs up: Take the major points with me and make another
thread about that to inform the concurrent members.
[15:46]<rachad> you do that throgh if you can in the forum
[15:47]<rachad> Emulatorman_: can we share the mumble server somewere in the
web-site or we keep it for members wen they join ?
<Emulatorman_> in short, HyperbolaBSD is planned to be released in 2024
as stable, so we have enough time for 2021, 2022 and
2023 to make the alpha and beta versions
<Emulatorman_> rachad: yes of course
[15:48]<Emulatorman_> maybe the wiki, what do you think?
<throgh> To summarize the communication-platforms? Great idea.
<Emulatorman_> we could put about mumble below the irc channels section
<throgh> Absolutely fine from my point, what do the others think about
[15:50]<Emulatorman_> it says -> «The official Hyperbola channel is
#hyperbola, hosted on Freenode.» what should we add
there for mumble below?
[15:54]<rachad> IRC Channels & Live Chat
<rachad> or
<rachad> Live Chat and IRC Channels
[15:55]<rachad> bellow we add the mumble server!
[15:56]<rachad> im verry sleepy but tomorrow i will find ideas
<Emulatorman_> ok
[15:57]<rachad> good night peoples
<rachad> this was a great meeting o/
<LightBearer> good night to you
<Emulatorman_> have a gn